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A owes B $400, so Wayne rings up B and says that A doesn’t pay, Wayne will pay. Look  to A first then to B but only if A doesn’t pay and shit; IF IN WRITING = Valid, else not  valid Primary purpose, if primarily benefits … Executor Promise to pay the debt of a descendent Has no duty to take own funds, only uses the funds from the state from the descendent 1 contract that are within the statute of frauds under  Article 2-201 First paragraph: $500+, sale of goods, must be in writing to be enforceable Third paragraph: says that there are 3 exceptions to paragraph 1 Sale of goods $500+ if one or more of these 3 exceptions apply
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Unformatted text preview: Specially manufactured goods cannot be sold in ordinary fashion of business If you admit in your pleadings or in a court that you did accept the contract, for the quantity of goods so admitted $500+, sale of goods of course, for the quantity of goods accepted/paid for Second paragraph: Confirmation rule:?? Both sides must be merchants (A.2) Parol evidence rule Something outside of a written contract Must have a complete written contract Whatever is written is what controls, not anything said prior to Does not apply to subsequent statements (following) ALT times WED 3-5 Room 2057...
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