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Session 7 answer - Session 7 (Helaman 1-4) See also the...

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Session 7 ( Helaman 1-4) See also the student manual chapter 35) - Due Jan 31 st before midnight by email. Your Name:______Khanh Le_______________ Before class at 9 am on Jan 31st in 106 RB: 1. Did you read at least 15 minutes per day from the BOM and/or other scripture on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday before today’s class? If yes, write 1 point here _1_ and write what scripture chapters and verses you studied during those study sessions here: chapter 4 – verses 13-15. 2. Did you read, prepare to discuss, and write in your scripture journal before class about each chapter in Helaman 1-4 ? If yes, write 2 points here _2_ and write your questions/thoughts here and in your scripture journal about each chapter: a. Helaman 1: I think that to contend is not good; to have a war because of a position like the judgement-seat is worthless after all. b. Helaman 2: the servant of Helaman was really clever in this chapter that he could kill Kishkumen; and he was also very faithful to Helaman. c.
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Session 7 answer - Session 7 (Helaman 1-4) See also the...

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