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positive thinking final paper - Khanh Le Personal Summary...

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Khanh Le – Personal Summary Paper This class has changed my view point about the way Americans feeling and reacting to their feelings in life. I learn that both Asian and American have very similar flow of feelings. We all have stress and struggles in life. And most of the time, we react to them within the same pathways. This observation, somehow, has a very important effect to my “positive living”. Sometimes, my stress came from the thought that I could not understand how my American friends around me felt. Therefore, I did not feel opened and comfortable being around them. However, now, I figure out that by opening myself and listening to them the way that I normally do back in Vietnam, I should be fine. This lesson connects strongly with the fact that our happiness involves people around us. I always thought that I understand what this means; but after this class, I figured out what I missed the whole time is that I had never actually treasured the present of many people around me, especially my parents. Because my parents are 16hour-flight away from me, I always felt that they could not be connected to what was going on around me, so I rarely shared with them my struggles. However, when doing the “Write your legacy” assignment, as I wrote for them a letter, then called and read it to them, I learned that they always waited for my calls and stayed ready to listen and give me
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positive thinking final paper - Khanh Le Personal Summary...

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