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Student Development 115 Time Assignment All Assignments need to be typed. Assignments should be double spaced, using Times New Roman font, font size 12. 1. Keep track of how you spend your time for 5 days (not a weekend) and describe what you find – be honest with yourself! 2. What values (desirable or undesirable) do you see in the way you spend your time? 3. What goals/objectives (or lack of goals) do you seem to be working toward. 4. What did you learn from the time assessment about values, goals and decision-making and how will that affect your future manner of daily living? This paper should be between 3-4 pages in length.
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Khanh Le STUD DEV 115 – section 3 Mar 21 st , 2011 Time assignment 1. What I found after keeping track of my 5 days. I kept track of my 5 normal days at school this week; and I figure out that I manage my time quiet well. Most of my class is on Monday and Wednesday. I have only one class on Tuesday and Friday. On Thursday, the only thing I do is to go to work at MOA café. Except for Monday, I go to work every day. After that, I will go home, take a nap, and then do my homework when waking up. I go to Guru’s café on Thursday to listen to John Allred singing my favorite songs.
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time assignment - Student Development 115 Time Assignment...

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