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sholarship - I myself believe that I am a special girl for...

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Unformatted text preview: I myself believe that I am a special girl for three main reasons. First of all, I decide to devote my life to people with difficulties, especially children. Before knowing children, I was confused about my dream and passion. However, after going to Thi Nghe shelter in Vietnam – a home for disabled children, I can feel that they are the reasons that I am working hard for every moment. Second, I am an interdependent person. After all the lessons that I have learnt and observed for eighteen years, I realize that to be independent is great but not enough. We are living in a big world with millions of connections; therefore, I always try my best to balance my own ideas with the others before making any decisions. Third, I have been grown up in a special family. My father, who always listens to me, is an engineer with a warm and caring heart. My mother, who always teaches me to live right, is a teacher with a serious outlook. And my brother, who always shares his life’s experiences with teacher with a serious outlook....
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