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safety workshop glasses 2 - Why or why not? What was...

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Writing: Safety I. Article: Wear Your Safety Goggles  Read article  Discuss as class:  What was your response to the article and what do you remember most from it?- table 1 What were the author’s most important points? (Do they overlap with the points people  remember most?)- table 2 What techniques did the author use to make the points you remember best, the points that  seemed to be most important?- table 3 Do you think the author did a good job of communicating with the intended audience? 
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Unformatted text preview: Why or why not? What was effective? -table 4 Less effective? -table 5 Explain and provide evidence. II. Write a paper (~1 page) as to why wearing safety eyewear in the lab is important to you. 10 points Write for upper level science course Include examples of dangers of not wearing safety eyewear Include your reason(s) for wearing safety eyewear Write in complete sentences Use good grammar & correct spelling...
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