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Notebook Rubric For each lab, the notebook must include: Prelab Questions (due at beginning of lab) o (all answers are found in lab manual, lab supplement, and supplemental papers given in lab) o Answer in full sentences I.Purpose of Lab(s) (due at beginning of lab) o Overall reason for doing experiments (look at unit intro for guidance). o Importance of each individual lab o Be sure to use actual name of experiment (ie. say the gram stain is used for … instead of this stain is used for …) II.Procedures (during lab) o lab lecture o include changes made to lab manual directions o insert lab protocol direction sheets received each week III.Results o Write during and after lab
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Unformatted text preview: o Data sheets from manual inserted o Calculated results – do not just record raw data (graph or determine bacterial numbers and experimental trends) IV.Conclusions o What was expected (from lab manual and lab lecture)? o What did data actually show- did you get the expected results? o Reasons/thoughts – did you get the expected results-why or why not (wrong temperature, you forgot a step, used wrong reagent, etc). What needs to be done to correct problem(s). Use a composition book as your lab notebook. Everything must be in complete sentences. Be sure to use headings as illustrated in the format above and use dates....
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