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Microbiology Paraphrasing Assignment 11

Microbiology Paraphrasing Assignment 11 - Discuss the...

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Microbiology Paraphrasing Assignment Paraphrasing: Rephrase an author's ideas or statements in new words.  Do not simply substitute synonyms, but substantially rewrite the original without  changing its meaning.  Thoroughly and accurately repeat the original ideas of the text to smoothly blend  the author's ideas into your own writing.  Remember to cite this information since you are borrowing ideas from someone  else. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism.  (Use citation below). Read the journal article: Borer, A. et al. 2005. Cell Phones and  Acinetobacter  Transmission. EID 11(7):1160-1161. Lab Discussion: (Assign each table part of the discussion to answer aloud after  definitions have been discussed) Define nosocomial, fomite, multidrug resistant
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss the important findings in the paper o Isolate identification and drug resistance-table 1 o Contamination rates of personnel-table 2 o Why is Acinetabcter spp. transmission not surprising-table 3 o Why are cell phones more problematic than stationary phones and devices –table 4 Discuss the strategies to prevent nosocomial transmission-table 5 Written Assignment: ( To be done and turned in during lab): Paraphrase the important findings of the paper. (5 pts) Include a paragraph as to how these findings are important to avoidance of phone (electronic device) use in the microbiology laboratory (~1 page long). (4 pts) Proper grammar and punctuation used. (1 pt) Worth 10 points (first workshop grade)...
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