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how to record results writing workshop

how to record results writing workshop - Deepika Kaushal...

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Deepika Kaushal BIOL351-916 How to Record Results 9/21/11 1. a. In Niu et al’s paper, two strains of E. coli were compared, the motile RP437 and the control RP3098. These strains were used to show how motility was affected in the experiment(2). b. The variables tested were agar concentration and type, the presence of Tween-80 and the ratio of Tween-80 to agar(2). c. The numbers of trials were recorded parenthetically in Table 1 next to the data points(2). 2. The results were discussed in the paper by explaining the main points suggested by the study and summarizing them, rather than exhaustively stating every point of data. And example of this is when Niu et al stated simply that “enhanced swarming” was observed “when bacteria were grown on solid media containing Eiken agar...relative to swarming on Bacto agar” instead of picking at all the details provided in Table 1 (2). 3. The study concluded that as agar concentration decreased, motility of the
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