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wk 7A summary

wk 7A summary - Deepika Kaushal Summary Assignment BIOL...

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Deepika Kaushal BIOL 351-916 Summary Assignment In the article Staphylococcus aureus Nonribosomal Peptide Secondary Metabolites Regulate Virulence , Morgan A. Wyatt et al discuss how aureusimines were found to be involved in regulating the virulence of the bacteria. S. aureus is normally a human pathogen with a variety of virulence factors that are synchronized and enable infection. Preliminary research specified the agr locus (and its homologs) and the agr pheromone as being important in virulence regulation but subsequent research has showed that it may not be a prominent factor in infection and it has been indicated that other secondary metabolites may be at play. NRPSs produce nonribosomal proteins such as antibiotics. NRPSs activate amino acids to attach them to T domains where they are then strung together in growing chains via condensation and often cyclized to produce a specific structure. NRPS activity is relatively well-known as is the fact that the genes coding for nonribosomal proteins are
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