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Review Sheet 1-1 (first sheet for first test-Fall 2011). This review sheet is not intended as a substitute for coming to class and taking good notes. Any material discussed in class is fair game for exam questions even if not mentioned on this sheet. This review sheet is meant to stimulate, frame and focus your studying. It contains comments and questions for you to think about while studying. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology: Know the difference between Anatomy and Physiology, yet realize how the two are linked. What are the different levels one can study physiology and anatomy? What terms apply (eg, histology, gross anatomy, etc)? Are physiological systems interdependent? If so, how and name some examples? What are the major physiological systems and what are the chief functions of each? What is homeostasis (know a number of examples) and what are two control systems that maintain it? Which control system is faster/slower and name a physiological process controlled by each. What is the functional difference between endocrine and exocrine glands? What is the typical tissue that comprises most glands? What are the four components of negative feedback, how does it work, what are some examples? How does the main example mentioned in class relate to the heating and cooling of your house? Why is negative feedback ideal for promoting homeostasis?
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