Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer - Short and Satirical Stories Frank when...

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Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 Not of noble birth but well connected Well-educated Service to the Crown Father of English Poetry Other Works o Translated Roman de la Rose o The Book of the Duchess o The House of Fame o Legend of Good Women Manuscripts/Printings Manuscripts o Late 14 th Century o 55 Complete MS’s; 28 contain one or more tales o Two of the most famous Printing o One of first to be printed in England by Caxton Canterbury Tales 1386-1400 Projected 120 tales (told by 30 Pilgrims) o Only 22 tales and 2 fragments Used framing device Genre of whole: estates satire o 3 estates (church, noble, peasant) o 3 women estates (virgin, wife, and widow) Variety of genres in the tales o Romance o Fabliaux (French)
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Unformatted text preview: Short and Satirical Stories Frank when dealing with sex o Saints lives o Animal fables o Religious allegories o Sermon General Prologue Sets up the frame of the tales o What purpose does this narrative frame serve? o Pilgrimage to visit shrine of Thomas a Becket Structural/organizational device Why did people go on pilgrimages? o Narrator at Tabard Inn in Southwark Pilgrims described o Narrator and host of the inn Narrators apology for offensive words The host; the 120 tales; the free meal; the host as judge Retraction that follows the parsons tale Disavows the Tales and other secular writings on moral grounds...
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Geoffrey Chaucer - Short and Satirical Stories Frank when...

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