12 - 11/12/10 Things to Know • What does cognitive...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/12/10 Things to Know • What does cognitive accessiblilty mean • How do you temporality increase cognitive accessibility o Results of Bartholow and Hienz o What is Chronic accessibility How does it develop Implications • Rejection sensitivity Perception • The process of imposing order on the information our sense organs take in Interpretation • How we make sense or explain various events in the world What influences perception and interpretation • Mood • Culture • Experience • The cognitive accessibility of knowledge structures Accessibility of Information • Memories may differ in how easily they can be retrieved, or how accessible they are in the mind • Higgins defines accessibility as “the activation potential of available knowledge” • Some knowledge structures are easily activated for some people Priming and Chronic Accessibility • Temporarily accessible information • Priming o Making concepts temporarily accessible • Concepts that have been activated recently are quick to come to mind • Bartholow and Hienz (2006) o Alcohol and Aggression without consumption o Look at pictures related to alcohol or orange juice o Followed by personality test “Donald refusing to pay rent until his apartment is repainted” o Result Those who were primed with alcohol were more hostile and aggressive • Psychologists suggest that knowledge structures differ in the degree to which they are accessible • This difference may have important implications for how the individual perceives the world • Chronic Accessibility o Typically things that are important to you at the time o Concepts that are constantly primed may become accessible o Possible that some patterns of priming are built in genetically for evolutionary reasons o Other patterns of priming may stem from inborn patterns of individual temperament Can be both positive (optimistic) and negative (pessimistic) o Most current theorists assume that chronic accessibility results from experience. • ...
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12 - 11/12/10 Things to Know • What does cognitive...

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