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22 - • Serve as an important link between the self...

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11/22/10 Thinks to Know Things on the previous things to know that we didn’t cover last time What is self-esteem and self-verification? Why is accurate self-knowledge a good indicator of well-being? How is the true self-linked to well-being? Self Concept Social psychologists used to think other people determined the self o Looking glass Identity is formed by perceptions of how others see us Self-Schema Specific knowledge structure or cognitive representation of the self concept Most important attribute of the self-concept Most salient attribute Possible Selves Possible selves represent images of one’s self in the future These images include images that one aspires to become as well as images that one hopes to avoid By serving as reminders of the potential achievement of such goals, possible selves regulate behavior toward the ideal life and away from the feared
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Unformatted text preview: • Serve as an important link between the self concept and motivation Self discrepancy • Actual self o Represents what you think you are really like • Ideal self o Represents what you could be when you are at your best • Ought Self o What you think you should be rather than what you want to be • The ideal and ought selves both represent hypothetical ideals • When the ideal and ought selves differ from your actual self emotional consequences are experienced • Actual/ideal discrepancy= depressed • Actual/ought discrepancy= anxiety Self-Esteem • Your global feelings about whether you are good or bad or somewhere in between • Been argued to be a fundamental need • Can cause problems o If unrealistically negative or unrealistically positive...
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