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Review Test 2 - • Names except for theories i.e Eyseks...

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Review Test 2 (toughest test according to Hicks) Don’t have to know Brain in personality 297-301 (Chemistry of the Mind) Calculate a heritability coefficient… just know what it is 332-335 Molecular Genetics Or end of chapter 9 (putting it all together) Chapter 10 The Psychological Development (12 pages) ends with moving through the stages 380/322 Don’t worry about the defense mechanisms that you understand already
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Unformatted text preview: • Names except for theories i.e. Eyseks theory Things to know • Types of hormones and neurotransmitters and their basic functions (Chapter 8) • Gosling Article, questions will relate to those discussed in class • Eyseks Theory • Hemispheres of the Brain o Left frontal lobe activation= happy/approach motivation (anger) • Specific Traits (cues given) OCEAN • Know the 3 ways to look at the brain...
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