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Review Test 2 - Names except for theories i.e. Eyseks...

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Review Test 2 (toughest test according to Hicks) Don’t have to know Brain in personality 297-301 (Chemistry of the Mind) Calculate a heritability coefficient… just know what it is 332-335 Molecular Genetics Or end of chapter 9 (putting it all together) Chapter 10 The Psychological Development (12 pages) ends with moving through the stages 380/322 Don’t worry about the defense mechanisms that you understand already
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Unformatted text preview: Names except for theories i.e. Eyseks theory Things to know Types of hormones and neurotransmitters and their basic functions (Chapter 8) Gosling Article, questions will relate to those discussed in class Eyseks Theory Hemispheres of the Brain o Left frontal lobe activation= happy/approach motivation (anger) Specific Traits (cues given) OCEAN Know the 3 ways to look at the brain...
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