11 - Head lice • Specific Entomologist o Medical o...

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1/21/11 Origins Entomon o Cut Hexapod o Greek Hexa (six) Poda (feet) Concepts Insects dominant group o 900,000 to 1,000,000 species o Half beetles o 80% of known animals Diverse and Abundant o 230 million insects can be collected in the top 9 inches of soil in on acre of meadowland Balance of nature o Predators, parasites, scavengers, and as food for other animals and plants Pinnacles of evolution/creative dsign o Adaptation to earth Valuable to humans o Honey, waxes, and silk o Pollinators Only 5% of insects are harmful o Pest of humans, crops, animals, and structures Boll weevil with cotton Termites in your home Fire ant stings Invade every aspect of our lives o Bodies, music, literature, and art o Many cultures insects are revered and actually worshipped as gods Variety of shapes, sizes, colors o Some can only be seen with a magnifying glass Insects Some insects are dangerous and can adversely affect our health o Biting, stinging, or invasion of their bodies
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Unformatted text preview: Head lice • Specific Entomologist o Medical o Livestock o Field Crop and Urban • Very successful o Skeleton Exoskeleton o Size Some are small others are very large o Flight Only arthropods capable of flight Elytra- beetle wing covers o Metamorphosis All insects change forms during their life processes • Larvae (sometimes to) Pupil to Adult o Reproduction Produce tremendous numbers of offspring in a relatively short period of time • High reproductive potential and fast generation time o Good Fossil Record Indicates that they have inhabited the earth for at least 350-400 million years Oldest- cockroaches Newest- body/hair lice Conclusion • Insects are the most diverse and abundant life forms on the planet o Considered to be beneficial to humans o Have evolved survival mechanisms that allow them to occupy most niches in our environment...
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11 - Head lice • Specific Entomologist o Medical o...

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