13 - • Content may be interpreted symbolically o Pig may...

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9/13/2010 Things to know What is rationale behind the projective tests Describe the three types of projective tests and the relevant findings associated with each Describe one “recent: finding examining projections of personality onto other Personality Tests: Overview A variety of test are available Projective tests Originally inspired out of Freud’s ideas Items are ambiguous The person must make his or her own interpretation These interpretations will reveal something about the person’s personality, and how they interpret the world Examples Draw a person test Rorschach Inkblot Test (raw-shock) Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Draw a person Usually administered to children Interpretations Why is this a good way to assess the child’s thoughts and feelings? Are there flaws in the method? Ink Blot Test Descriptions that match= healthy person Descriptions that vary= unhealthy person Also themes of hostility, aggression, etc. come through
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Unformatted text preview: • Content may be interpreted symbolically o Pig may reflect gluttonous tendencies • Response style may be used as information o Asking for guidance may be perceived as a sign of dependence • Informative? TAT • Story made of a picture • Projects his personality through the story • Usually coded for different motives o Achievement o Intimacy o Power • Findings o Achievement Motivated to complete against high standards Commit themselves to long-term goal pursuit o Power Tend to enter professions where they can reward or punish others o Intimacy Sharing thoughts and feelings with others Associated with increased well-being • Common Projective Tests o Many are criticized o TAT still widely used and some support the validity of the test • Recent Findings o Do we project our personalities onto people we meet...
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13 - • Content may be interpreted symbolically o Pig may...

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