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6 - o What traits did they look at Big 5 plus dominance and...

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10/6/10 Somatic Marker Hypothesis o Antonio Damasio Descartes’ Error o Our Feelings often guide our decisions Often very adaptive o What good are emotions? Meeting an acquaintance Capgras Syndrome o Head injury o You see your mother and don’t believe it is her, rather it is an imposter o Reasoning The amygdala wire from visual area has been cut You can still see, but can’t emotionally react o Over the phone Still experience emotion because signals travel thru a different wire to the amygdala Article Discussion o Whats the article about? Personality traits in nonhuman animals
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Unformatted text preview: o What traits did they look at? Big 5 plus dominance, and activity (7 total) o What type of Clues did they use? Primarily Behavioral Data Informant Data as well o Main findings? NEED TO READ AND FIND OUT o Anthropomorphic concerns? Multiple people rating helps reliablility Use objective data o Sex differences examples? Trait found in males were opposite for females • Hyena females were less neurotic than males • Who what hormones and neurotransmitters are and types and how they relate...
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