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3/4/11 The one sample t-test o One sample z-test= one set of data and we want to determine if mean scored differ significantly from the population mean. We need population mean and population standard deviation o We can also use our t-test in this situation to determine if our sample differs from the hypothetical population mean Here we use the sample standard deviation May be useful when we can reasonable propose a population mean Eg: a coin landing heads and tails half of the time
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Unformatted text preview: Only difference o Use t table opposed to z table and divide by sample standard deviation as opposed to population std. deviation. Bayesian t-test (know why they are used) o More conservative approaches Equal consideration of the null and research hypotheses by taking the sample size into account Gives odds for certain outcomes JZS Bayes Factor gives an indication of which hypothesis (null or research) is supported by the data o...
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