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11 - error terms(between and within and the number of...

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3/23/11 Mean sum of Squares o MS between and within o Sum of squares/df o Recall- df=k-1 (between) df=n-k (within) Sum of Squares o Between- [Sum of (Sum for each group squared, then divided by each groups n)] – [Sum of all scores, squared then divided by total N] o Within- [Sum of (squared scores for each group)] – [Sum of(sum for each group, squared, then divided by each groups n)] What this equation does o Squaring magnifies the differences exponentially Magnifies individual variability (within) Magnifies differences between groups (between) NEED TO KNOW o You need to be able to compute an F statistic given the Sum of Squared
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Unformatted text preview: error terms (between and within) and the number of groups and subjects (to determine df) o Need to understand the basic idea of the ANOVA test; to compare between group variability to within-group variability • EXAMPLE o 40 participants were evenly placed into one of four conditions (total N, number of groups (k) to determine df for numerator and denominator) There was a between group sum of squared difference value of 300, and a within subjects sum of squared difference value of 360. List the F statistic both degrees of freedom and write the results of the ANOVA with df parenthetically noted. F=10...
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