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3/25/11 Factorial ANOVA o More than one IV Main Effect o An effect of one IV on the DV This is what we test for in the one-way ANOVA o WE test for these with both IVs in the factorial ANOVA o Ex: test memory performance in younger and older adults and I also want to include a second IV education level Main effects + Interaction o We can test for main effects of each variable (age and education) o We could also test for an interaction between age and education level o We do this because it is possible that memory is affected by the combination of age and education level o Main effects occur when one IV has a consistent effect across all levels of the other IV o Interactions occur when the effect of one variable is different across
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Unformatted text preview: different levels of the other variable • Degrees of Freedom o Degrees of freedom are computed in a slightly different way In one way ANOVA k was the number of groups In Factorial ANOVA k is a factorial combination of the levels of each IV (2 X 2 here) So there are 3 between groups df, each interaction gets one df • Extensions o Factorial designs are not limited to 2 IV’s or only 2 levels of each IV o We can also test within subjects effects or test for differences across multiple tests given to the same participant using repeated measures ANOVA-analogous to a dependent sample t-test o We can also test for differences in two DV’s called multivariate ANOVA or MANOVA o...
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