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28 - Self-Esteem(for the most part is healthy o Motivated...

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9/28/2010 Self-Esteem (for the most part is healthy) o Motivated to maintain self-esteem Attribution biases Self serving bias (high) Downward social comparisons Feel better about ourselves Schema content and “hot cognitions” We picture ourselves as better than the average person o How favorably someone evaluates him or herself o High View themselves as competent, likeable, attractive, and morally good o Low Do they always feel badly? No they just aren’t confident in what they are Campbell (1990) Study 1 184 participants (undergrads) IV o Self esteem (low/high) DV o Extremity of ratings o 1-silly o 7-serious o Confidence in ratings o High self esteem circles 1,2,6, or 7 and more confident o Low self esteem 4,5 with a narrower standard deviation Study 2 IV- same DV o Consistency of self ratings between time 1 and time 2 o Answers more consistent for high self esteem students Study 3 o IV-same o Interacted with same sex partner “getting acquainted” study o DV-
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Consistency between self concept and ratings of behavior, partners ratings of behavior, and memory of behavior o Findings were the same as the findings from Study 2 Study 4- replicated Markus (1977) study 9/23 notes o IV Same
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