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7 - • Impression Management Theory o Motivation to appear...

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10/7/10 Cognitive Dissonance Cont’d Stone, Aronson, Crain, Winslow, And Fried (1994) N=80 sexually active college students IV1: o PSA to HS students about using condoms o Privately rehearse arguments IV2: o Review past failures to use condoms o Control DV: o Purchase condoms, Follow-up condom use 3 months later Result o People who read about their lack of use of condoms, and were the face of the use of condom campaign were more likely to purchase condoms. Dickerson, Thibodeau, Aronson, And Miller (1992) N= college women returning from pool IV: Half asked, Half not o Sign public poster encouraging water conservation o Don’t sign IV2: Half asked, Half not o Survey reporting personal water conservation o No survey DV: o Length of shower Control: o No public poster, no survey Findings o Hypocrisy group had a very quick shower Alternatives to Cognitive Dissonance Theory One of the longest running debates in Social Psych Self-perception theory o $1 and $20 finding o Not necessarily a physiological need
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Unformatted text preview: • Impression Management Theory o Motivation to appear consistent o Inconsistency arousing for social reasons o Motivation to change attitude is interpersonal Research paradigms • Bogus pipeline • Different researchers • IV: Privacy of DV o Impression management reduced • Findings o Arousal in Cog. Dis. (personal arousal) And Impression Management (social arousal) o No arousal in Self Perception • Self-Affirmation Maintenance Model o Claude Steele (1988) Affirm you global sense of well being 60 women at home during the day in S.L.C Utah IV • Relevant negative name-calling • Relevant positive name-calling • Irrelevant negative name-calling • No name-calling (control) DV • Help a local food co-op Findings • Regardless of the self esteem threat you will take the opportunity to make yourself feel better regardless of the task. o Told you’re a bad driver = Ill help with a food bank...
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7 - • Impression Management Theory o Motivation to appear...

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