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11-2 - Descriptive studies Experimental studies Different...

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11/2/10 Social Origins of Aggression o Culture is transmitted via social learning Imitation, informational social influence, normative social influence, conformity Ex: No shoes in the house o Aggression learned by watching others aggress o Observational Learning (Social Learning) Bo Bo Doll Study Aggressive vs Friendly Aggressive and punished vs Friendly and rewarded o Vicarious Learning You change your behavior as a function of another person’s reward and punishment o Media Violence Huesmann (1986) TV violence and violent crime (longitudinal study) The more violence watched at age 8, the more likely to commit violent crime at age 30 Liebert And Baron (1972) IV: Children watch violent police drama or exciting, non- violent sporting event DV: Behavior while playing
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Unformatted text preview: Descriptive studies Experimental studies Different dependent measures: hitting, kicking, blowhorn Correlate statistically the same as smoking and lung cancer `Bushman and Anderson • General Aggression Model o Aggression a function of activation and application of aggression-related schema o Schema o Repeated exposure to aggression results in well-developed, highly accessible schema for aggression o Hostile attribution of others o Hostile attribution of yourself Learning • Social norms • Learning novel ways Development of detailed, accessible schemas for aggression Development of detailed, accessible belief that the world is a dangerous place Desensitization to violence and aggression...
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