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English Proposal - involving USC the past few years Through...

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Harris 1 Connor Harris Daniel Altenburg English 102 17 Feb 2010 Proposal Paying college athletes has been debated for many years without any resolution. I hope to look further into the viewpoints of all involved in the payment of college football players. Although, I haven’t exactly pinpointed the way in which I want to write this essay, I know I will use the perspective of the players, coaches, and fans. I will also narrow in on college football players in order to simplify an already, very large controversy. I don’t feel every college athlete, both female and male, needs to be included to better understand the controversy, and eventually come to a consensus on the argument. To narrow my topic even more I intend on mentioning the scandals
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Unformatted text preview: involving USC the past few years. Through all of this I hope to have a better understanding of whether or not college athletes should be compensated for their efforts. Inevitable, there will be some bias in the paper, as I had the opportunity to continue playing baseball at a school in California, but was incapable of doing so due to financial reasons. By including an athlete’s perspective I have allowed myself to include some of my biases, as I’m sure they closely relate to that of the other college athletes around the nation. I haven’t yet written a paper of this sort but I look forward to doing so. Harris 2...
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English Proposal - involving USC the past few years Through...

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