FRD Pearl Harbor Speech Analysis

FRD Pearl Harbor Speech Analysis - Harris 1 Connor Harris...

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Harris 1 Connor Harris Daniel Altenburg English 102 15 Feb. 2010 United We Stand The sun was out but the world could not have been a darker place. The United States was surrounded by warfare, with no intentions of partaking in the madness. That was until the events that took place the morning of December 7 th , 1941. Franklin Delano Roosevelt addresses a beaten, battered, and bruised nation in a powerful and confident manner with intentions to convince fellow government officials and the citizens of this great country to support a war effort against the Japanese. Roosevelt logically explains the series of events that have led to this fork in the road, while keying on the emotions of his listeners. He speaks clearly and sternly, as not to confuse anyone, but also to ensure justice and display confidence in the seemingly bleak future. As Roosevelt opens with, “Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Members of the Senate, and of the House of Representatives,” it is no secret whom he is addressing. His job is to convince the Congress to declare war on Japan. However, this speech is not one that is behind closed doors. He also has to convince the entire United States population that declaring war is not only the right decision, but that it is the only one. This can be a difficult task seeing as how not everyone agrees with warfare. Roosevelt must gain the support from most of America and assure the population that what he is calling for is the best choice. The United States war efforts have not always been completely supported as shown by the war we currently lead in Iraq, and that of the one we fought against the
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Harris 2 Vietnamese in the 1960s. On a few occasions, in times of trial, our country, instead of uniting did just the opposite. This lack of support is proven by the events that took place in 1970 at Kent State University, where nine anti-war demonstrators were killed for simply displaying their discontent. Then, in 2003 after declaring war on Iraq a great
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FRD Pearl Harbor Speech Analysis - Harris 1 Connor Harris...

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