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Public Argument Rhetorical Analysis - Harris 1 Connor...

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Harris 1 Connor Harris Daniel Altenburg English 102 11 Apr 2010 Rhetorical Analysis After extensive research on whether or not college athletes should be paid, I have come to the conclusion that it is in everyone’s best interest to refrain from financially supporting student athletes in any way other than scholarships. My goal now is to ensure this remains the consensus for years to come. Thus, I will be approaching young athletes. “When analyzing the purpose of our public arguments, we have to analyze the possibilities of persuasion” (Minnix et. al. 231). By doing this, I discovered the incentive behind trying to persuade a group so young and dependent and the incentive, which lies in the possibilities of the future. Even though there is nothing my audience can do about the issue currently, I will be opening their eyes to possible future issues, and convincing them that my perspective is what is best for everyone. When selecting my audience, I considered many different aspects. It is stated, “The level of knowledge and expertise of the public you’re targeting will ultimately determine your choice of language” (Juarez et. al. 236). However, just the opposite occurred for me. I had the luxury of selecting my audience based on how well they could interpret the information given to them. With this, I was able to determine the way in which I approached the topic and decided who will benefit from it most. Therefore, I would need to narrow down my audience from young athletes to something more concise. I came to the conclusion that in order to reach our youth most effectively, I must address children mature enough to understand consequence, yet juvenile enough to benefit from my game and presentation. Because of this, I decided that 6 th grade
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Harris 2 athletes will be the most suitable age for my particular public argument. There are two reasons I
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Public Argument Rhetorical Analysis - Harris 1 Connor...

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