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Rudy Analysis

Rudy Analysis - college career He goes on to say So I quit...

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Harris 1 Connor Harris Daniel Altenburg English 102 31 Jan. 2010 Rudy and the Janitor Charles Dutton the head of field maintenance and former Notre Dame football player employs numerous techniques in order to persuade Rudy Ruettiger to change his mind about quitting the football team. He starts with an emotional appeal as he talks about what Rudy has already accomplished against outstanding odds. He also speaks about what he has proven in his accomplishments. He hints on the same appeal later in his speech when he speaks about his own
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Unformatted text preview: college career. He goes on to say, So I quit. Still not a day goes by I dont regret it. This makes it easy for Rudy to empathize with him because Rudy is going thru the same thing Dutton did twenty years prior. At the same time he creates credibility. Rudy almost has to take his words to heart because of the fact that he lived the same thing Rudy did and regretted the way things turned out....
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