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Thank you for smoking analysis - do when he turns...

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Harris 1 Connor Harris Daniel Altenburg English 102 1 Feb. 2010 Thank you for Smoking Analysis In my opinion, Nick Naylor doesn’t have credibility, or a form of emotional appeal in his argument. His credibility is bias by working for the tobacco company and therefore, is lost. Instead he resorts to humor, and the small amount of logic he has in his favor. The only logic he has in support of his cause is that, “smoking is cool” and regardless of its effects, people continue to smoke. Senator Finistirre uses both logic and emotion to persuade the audience and more importantly his counterpart, Nick Naylor. He does so when proclaiming, “What are you going to
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Unformatted text preview: do when he turns eighteen?” Stunned and silenced Nick Naylor finally responds with, “If he really wants a cigarette, I’ll buy him his first pack.” Clearly this is not what Mr. Naylor would have actually done. I am certain he would have tried to convince his son that he shouldn’t smoke, long before he bought his son a pack of cigarettes. Naylor was fighting a losing battle once the argument became personal. He was left with no logical explanations to use in his defense and as a result, lost the debate to Senator Finistirre....
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