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6 - o Religious Freedom Freedom to choose and practice and...

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10/6/10 American Creed (incredibly strong) o Equality Central value of the American Creed “Equality of Opportunity” not “Outcome” o Individualism Individuals should be able to succeed to the maximum extent You are the ultimate decider Non mandatory votes o Democracy Rule by many o Liberty Freedom from the government restraint over the exercise of one’s right Fits in with the lack of “equality of outcome” o Property Right to use property as an individual sees fit
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Unformatted text preview: o Religious Freedom Freedom to choose and practice and gov’t should not establish a religion as the official religion. • Consequences of A.C. o Limited government/Libertarianism is favored Individual is responsible for his outcome in life o Weak sovereign power • Government and Citizenry o Will of the People o The consent of the Governed o Equal opportunity to Influence Gov’t o Equal Treatment by the Law...
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