11 - • Law is left up to the States Nationalization •...

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Chapter 19, 15, 16, 2, 5, 6 Debate o Separation of Church and State Enacting policies that protestants will like because that is the majority of America Makes it hard to get rid of the word God from the dollar, when that majority will be upset with the decision o Gun control Kennesaw, GA made it mandatory to have a gun in your house o Abortion Selective incorporation 14 th Amendment Supreme court gets lots of power Some of the Bill of Rights are binding to the States Civil liberties Gov;t inaction Protect individuals rights and freedoms Due Process Gov’t officials are obligated to follow a set of rules prior to restricting rights of life, liberty, and property 19 th century: Bill of Rights understood to only apply to restrain federal governments actions, not state and local Barron v Baltimore Denationalization
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Unformatted text preview: • Law is left up to the States Nationalization • Universal law, states must abide by Preferred Position • First amendment serves as the trump card Lemon Test • A three part establishment clause test used by the Supreme Court that states that to be constitutional a government action must have a plausible nonreligious purpose, its primary or principal effect must be to neither advance nor inhibit religion, and it must not foster excessive government entanglement with religion Neutrality test? Rights of the Accused • Exclusionary rule o Evidence gathered illegally cannot be introduced into trial and convictions cannot be based on this evidence o Warrant for search and seizure o Miranda Warnings Substantive Due Process • Provides a means to discover new rights not mentioned elsewhere in the constitution....
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11 - • Law is left up to the States Nationalization •...

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