25 - Media Bias • Bias favorable treatment to certain...

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10/25/10 Mass Media Every type of media Watchdog Media? Watchdog o The medias role in keeping a close eye on politicians and presenting stories and information that politicians might not willingly reveal to the media on their own o Do we have a watchdog media even though American mass media are privately owned Censorship o Prior restraint Government intervention to prevent the publication of material it finds objectionable o Early censorship Sedition Act of 1798 o There is no censorship in the US today? FALSE Evolution of Media 1780-1920 (newspaper primary source) 1920-40 (radio and newspaper) 1950-90 (TV supplanted newspapers) 1990- Present (Internet) Staying power of the Radio Talk radio remains a powerful form of sedimentation information Criticisms of the Media Explaining political actions mostly TV coverage conspicuously cynical since Vietnam TV reporting focused on strategy over substance during campaign which is treated as a game Focus on the horse race of an election coverage, polls
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Unformatted text preview: Media Bias • Bias: favorable treatment to certain politicians, policy positions, groups, and political outcomes • Ways to combat bias: o Self-assessment o Content analysis Media Effects on Public Opinion • Minimal Effect o Media doesn’t play a very big role in voting intent • Agenda-setting o The media role in determining which issues the public considers important by covering issues and ignoring others • Priming o The tendency of the public to assess the performance of the president or presidential candidates in terms of the issues that the media have emphasized as most important Media has true power through priming= TRUE Preconditions for Media Effect • Exposure • Comprehension • Receptivity- openness • Political attentiveness-more you watch the less influence individual media source will have on you • Political predisposition – values that organize ones thinking...
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25 - Media Bias • Bias favorable treatment to certain...

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