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Homework 8 I believe that the number of elected executives is a burden for the state of Texas because of a couple reasons. First of all, with more positions, the power is more evenly divided, which provides Texas with no stronger leader. For example, with less elected officials, the governor could have a more powerful and significant position, which would please voters. Also, having many positions at the ballot can be overwhelming and even discouraging for voters. Many voters are not informed well enough to choose positions such as the comptroller of public accounts or attorney general. To streamline the plural executive I would first combine the functions of the comptroller
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Unformatted text preview: of public accounts and the commissioner of the General Land Office into one position. I think that would be a sensible solution because one deals with taxes and keeping account and the other one deals with land leases, so one person could oversee both functions. Also, I would only make the governor and lieutenant governor positions that are elected and the rest of them appointed by the governor. I would make the other positions appointed because I believe that citizens are not well informed about these positions and they could make their choices based on popularity of candidates....
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