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Homework #6 http://texasgop.org/inner.asp?z=6 I decided to look at the Texas Republican Party Platform for 2010, since Republicans now mostly dominate Texas’ politics. Their platform was everything that I expected, except that very detailed. Its values are mostly conservative and focus on the traditional family and the laws of god. The platform includes the polemic issues of gay rights, abortion and immigration and Republicans state their position against all of those. Their platform does not necessarily make me like the party, since I do not agree with their policies and I would not vote for their politicians also, since I would not like the policies to be followed as described in the platform.
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Unformatted text preview: One of the issues that caught my attention in the Republican platform was homosexuality. Republicans state that they are against it because according to the laws of God and the traditional values accepted by the Texan community it is not an acceptable lifestyle. Also, Republicans deny any special rights to homosexuals, such as marriage, custody of children or partner insurance or retirement benefits. On the opposite side are the Texas Democrats, in their platform (a much more concise one), they state that they are in favor of homosexuals having all the same rights as any other citizens and that sexual orientation should not affect any rights that a citizen may have....
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