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Energy storage on hybrid vehicles

Energy storage on hybrid vehicles - Fossil fuel resources...

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Fossil fuel resources are one of the major concerns of the 21 st century as the energy crisis that we all face is discussed. Petroleum will one day come to an end, so scientists of all areas work together to solve this puzzle. Also, besides coming to an end, the burning of the fuel that we are all addicted to, is harmful to our atmosphere by emitting gases that accumulate in our atmosphere and form the greenhouse effect, which leads to a warming of our planet. The warming of the planet can impact greatly our lives: polar caps are slowly melting, which results in the rise of the oceans and the potential for cities to disappear under water. Also, many species of animals could disappear or Europe could be completely chilled due to a change in the currents of the oceans. Transportation is one of the main contributors in the emission of gases accumulating in the atmosphere. Our automobiles make up for most of the transportation emissions, and at the same time, consume a great amount of fossil fuels. According to the Marian Koshland Museum of Science, just in 1997, transportation was responsible for 470 million metric tons of Carbon, and that is just in the United States. Although an increase in public transportation could aid a little to solve this problem, automobiles still would impact the environment greatly and something must be done to improve this problem. Another concern that we all have, besides hurting the environment, is the cost of fuels. With petroleum becoming more and more scarce, the cost of this valuable resource
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  • Fall '08
  • Holtzapple
  • Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle, Hybrid vehicle, hybrid car, gasoline engine, hybrid vehicles

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Energy storage on hybrid vehicles - Fossil fuel resources...

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