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paper2 - I disagree with the opinion posted by Steven...

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I disagree with the opinion posted by Steven Campbell. I believe that although affirmative action may give spots to some that are not as qualified; it is helping the start of a more balanced workplace and also education system, by admitting students to universities. Affirmative action is necessary still because there is still a great difference between minority ethnic groups and also between men and women. Data shows that America is poorer today than 20 years ago and while one tenth of white families live in poverty, one third of African American families and one fourth of Hispanic families live in poverty now. Also, women still earn 55 to 75 percent of men’s salaries, which also shows the need for the programs for equality (Stevenson). Now when talking about higher education and their admission quotas to minority students, Steven argues that those who do not deserve are taking away spots from those who are more qualified. However it is also important to see the benefits from doing so. First, minority students
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