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The Amendment process in the United States is known for being lengthy since it requires the approval of three fourths of the states through state legislatures or conventions. However this process that is considered complicated is necessary since it determines the basis for the government in our nation. The framers of the constitution wrote it so it would be a document to establish a government that would last for centuries and they did a very fine job in their work, since the constitution has only been amended twenty seven times. It is possible to argue that it would be more democratic if the process was made easier and as society changes, new rules must be made to adapt to new times so I believe that it is time that a new amendment is added to the constitution: an Amendment for Freedom of Marriage. When the United States became independent and when the constitution was first drafted the personal freedoms of its citizens were the main concern
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Unformatted text preview: of the founding fathers, so why would that not be the case now? This amendment would give citizens the right to marry people from the same sex or to any other citizens to marry those who they love and want to make their life partners. The population that would most benefit from this amendment would be the homosexuals, since right now they are the only group who do not have the right to marry among them. Although some may argue that they only make up a total of 2% of the American population, they are a growing number and also they are citizens so why should they not be given the same rights as the other 98% of the citizens? Works cited "Exposed: The Myth That "10% Are Homosexual"" The Traditional Values Coalition ::: Empowering People of Faith through Knowledge . Web. 16 June 2010. <>....
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