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10.11.04 - Intro to Hume

10.11.04 - Intro to Hume - Knowledge is a function of...

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FINAL QUESTION!!! : Write a dialogue between Hume, Descartes and James on the value of skepticism? -Relate one philosopher to another. Descartes : Rationalist. Appeals to reason by way of solving philosophical problems. Hume : Empiricist James : Pragmatist Each represent three different methodologies to solving philosophical problems. Questions look differently among the three methodologies. David Hume : Born 1711 Scottish law student, died 1776. Reason is and ought to be a slave of the passions. We use reason to get what we want, what we want is determined by our passions. The natural sciences that we produce through reason is a function of what our capacities for reasons are. Book I attacks Descartes idea that reason can conquer all problems.
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Unformatted text preview: Knowledge is a function of seeing how things are related. Perceptions-Impressions o Sensation o Reflection-Ideas o Simple o Complex 1. Basic First Principle: a. That all our simple ideas in their first appearance are deriv’d from simple impressions, which are correspondent to them, and which they exactly represent. 2. Memory vs. Impressions a. Vivacity of ideas 3. Connection among ideas a. A gentle force which commonly prevails b. Laws of Association” i. Remlance ii. Contiguity in time and place iii. Cause & Effect. 4. No abstract ideas a. But some ideas while particular in nature are general in representation b. How is this possible? c. We give one idea name and make it stand for many idea.s...
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10.11.04 - Intro to Hume - Knowledge is a function of...

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