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Genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s as they are more commonly known, are becoming more and more popular as society discovers new ways to improve the quantity in agricultural production by engineering crops to kill unwanted herbs or pests. However there are many more negatives than positives impacts when this technology is used, such as the pollution of soil and bodies of water. Another problem that is observed is that there is not enough research yet to evaluate the consequences of these engineering products on human bodies or any other form of life. Organizations like the worldwide famous Greenpeace are fighting for this cause. In the Greenpeace website, GMO’s are explained and also they say why this is a controversial issue. In the website also there is a sample form of a letter that people can use to address their representatives or they can sign an online petition. The website also takes donations which are used for the activists in the organization to go out and battle for those who believe in this cause. Another organization
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Unformatted text preview: that fights against GMO’s is Environmental Commons, which also focus on educating people about issues concerning the environment. Their website teaches people how they can help in the issue and also shows news of what is being done around the world. They also take donations, which they use to help educate the public about this issue. What is really important is that governments need to see that the answer to end world hunger is not to give people products that could harm them and nature, but to distribute the food that we already have equally for all that live in this planet. Works Cited "Sustainable Agriculture and Genetic Engineering | Greenpeace USA." Greenpeace | Greenpeace USA . Web. 18 June 2010. <>. "Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)." Environmental Commons . Web. 18 June 2010. <>....
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