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paper7 - The issue of death penalty is one of the most...

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The issue of death penalty is one of the most heated debates in today’s society. Some questions arise from this discussion such as: Is the death penalty a form of vengeance? Are the methods used inflicting unnecessary pain? Some cases are examples of theses questions. In a case in Kentucky, death row inmates Ralph Baze and Thomas C. Bowling argued that the lethal injection procedure was being carried out in a way that violated their right to the Eight Amendment. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Kentucky saying that it did not violate their rights because pain was not intended. In Nelson v. Campbell death penalty is also ruled constitutional. David Nelson was sentenced for a murder and his history of drug abuse required that the ones carrying out the process to cut through muscles and fat on his arm to apply the lethal injection. Nelson appealed to the Supreme Court saying that the process was cruel and unusual punishment, however the court did not rule in his favor since the process was necessary
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