Blog 4 research pamphlet

Blog 4 research pamphlet - Research 101! Hey class of 2016,...

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Research 101! Hey class of 2016, you are now about to enter College, CONGRATULATIONS! You maybe worried about some of the classes and the higher level of difficulty they may entail. One of the classes you will be required to take is Freshman English, this class along with many others throughout your college career will require you to do research for papers. This may seem challenging for some, but fear not, this pamphlet will tell you everything you need to know about doing research at a college level. Getting Started : There are several different ways of searching for your sources. First pick your topic, be specific, you do not want to have too wide of a range while researching or your assignmnent will be so broad you will drown yourself! Once you've picked you topic you may begin. Keep in mind not to pick a definite side on this topic if it is an argument, stay open minded to the possiblities of where the research may bring you. Here are some source searching tips that may help you: UB library : The UB library data base has a great assortment of articles, books and so much more. It will provide enough information to be able to tell if the source is credible, and if it will help you with your assignment. o To find a good source on this be sure to try a variety of phrases that can identify your topic and to use the AND and the OR words properly. For example saying Laptop computers OR Desktop computers AND Teenagers OR Adolescents. o
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Blog 4 research pamphlet - Research 101! Hey class of 2016,...

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