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Rebecca Densen Soma S. Feldmar English 201 December 8, 2011 Multitasking or Distracting? Cover Letter In this paper I had to do a lot of research. I usually do not have a problem with this however, because of how unusual my topic is I had a bit of a hard time. I found it hard to find articles on the actual attempt of multitasking for students, and not the overall population. I also found it hard to find articles on “multitasking” and not the distraction that laptops bring. To fix that I simply took the few sources I found that show that laptops aren’t bad and brought that point on top of the sources that showed that using them led to distractions. To find more sources I had to adjust my phrasing while searching. I also had trouble bringing the distraction aspect of the topic into my paper. I kept focusing on the problem of multitasking and kept forgetting to write why it wasn’t working (the sites were too entertaining causing distractions). After my
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Unformatted text preview: conference I began to figure out how to do this a little better. I had trouble with grammar at times so I found this particularly difficult as well but I tried to be conscious of it and took the suggestions from my first two tasks. I think I am an alright writer, I know my grammar is not the best but I do believe I know how to find support for my arguments and use to it to my fullest. I find it difficult to structure my paper at times including with this one. To figure out what should go where is difficult for me. I found doing the steps of the outline and the wiki made the paper a bit easier. This is because it allowed me to become more focused immediately. It also allowed me to know what I was looking for in sources before writing the actual paper. I learned through this paper that google is not the best search engine for research papers. I also learned to really focus on my conclusions....
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