Elect 6 pp - 1 Fluid & Electrolytes 2011 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Fluid & Electrolytes 2011 2011 Fluid Water: ~60% of total body weight Distribution: Plasm Intracellular 67% Extracellular 33% Plasma Interstitial fluid Lymph Transcellular fluids Fluid Balance Fluid balance: fluid intake = fluid lost Fluid intake = ~2,300 mls Fluid lost: Urine 1,400 mls Sweat 100 mls Feces 200 mls Insensible losses 600 mls Total 2,300 mls Ex: Respiratory Tract, skin, Fluid Balance: Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Angiotensinogen Juxtaglomerular apparatus (kidney) Angiotensin I Angiotensin II Hypothalamus Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) Water retention Adrenal Aldosterone Sodium Retention Fluid: Adequate Intake Based on total water = drinking water, beverages, and food M (19 30) 3 7 L/d Men (19-30): 3.7 L/d Women (19-30): 2.7 L/d Infants: 0-6 mo: 0.7 L/d 7-12 mo: 0.8 L/d Immature kidneys: important to consume adequate fluid DRI (2004) Electrolytes Anions and cations in fluid Electrical neutrality always maintained Principal electrolytes: Sodium Potassium Chloride 2 Sodium: Dietary Sources Major form: sodium chloride (salt) 40% sodium, 60% chloride 75% of sodium consumed Added during food processing Added during food processing: Canned items, condiments Pickled foods, snacks Natural sources: Milk, meat, eggs, vegetables ~10% of sodium consumed Sodium: Control High blood sodium Aldosterone Renin Sodium excreted in urine Sodium excreted in urine Hypothalamus: ADH (vasopressin) Thirst Fluid intake Water reabsorption Sodium: Normal Concentrations Major extracellular cation Extracellular concentration = 142 mEq/L 50% body sodium Intracell lar concentration 10 mEq/L Intracellular concentration = 10 mEq/L 10% body sodium Skeleton 40% body sodium Sodium: Functions Membrane transport (see next slide) Nerve cells Muscle cell Muscle cells Water balance Osmotic pressure Intracellular K...
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Elect 6 pp - 1 Fluid & Electrolytes 2011 2011...

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