HUN 4221 Sp 2011 Syllabus _2_

HUN 4221 Sp 2011 Syllabus _2_ - HUN 4221 Nutrition and...

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HUN 4221 Nutrition and Metabolism Spring 2011 – Section 0045 Instructor: Lynn B Bailey PhD, Office: Food Science and Human Nutrition Rm 403 Phone: 352-392-1991 Ext 213 Email: Office hours: Tues 1-2 PM; Wed 11 am-12 noon *If you cannot make my regularly scheduled office hours, you may e-mail me to schedule an appointment. Teaching Assistant: Vanessa da Silva Class location and meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday 4th Period 10:40-11:30 FLG 0260 Wednesday 6 th Period 12:50-1:40 FLG 0280 Attendance: Required Credits 3 Course Description : The course content focuses on the metabolism, requirements, deficiencies and excesses of nutrients. Essential micronutrients will be covered with the greatest emphasis on vitamins and minerals. Nutrient utilization will be traced from the food source to digestion and absorption, transport, storage, and excretion. Each metabolic pathway dependent on specific nutrients will be evaluated with an emphasis on how the vitamin or mineral facilitates specific biochemical functions. The basis of how nutrient deficiencies and excesses result in metabolic abnormalities with functional and potentially toxic consequences will be detailed. Amounts required in the diet to maintain normal metabolic pathways will be a focus of the course. Concepts related to reducing the risk for chronic diseases and birth defects will be highlighted. The validity of health claims for key nutrient supplements will be critiqued by evaluating the metabolic basis and current research. Course Learning Objectives: 1. Students will understand the mechanisms of digestion and absorption for each nutrient. 2. Students will be able to identify the role of each nutrient in their respective metabolic pathway. 3. Students will be able to describe and recognize deficiency and toxicity symptoms associated with each nutrient. 4. Students will learn the recommended requirements for each nutrient. Required Course Materials Sakai course material: Lecture notes; quizzes from last year; grades for quizzes and exams. Lecture Notes and Exams A packet containing the slides for the course is available for purchase at Target Copy on University Ave. Slides will also be posted on Sakai so that you can make your own copies if you prefer. Exams will be given in different classrooms in the evening. Required Text:
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HUN 4221 Sp 2011 Syllabus _2_ - HUN 4221 Nutrition and...

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