Oral Health 6 pp - Why study nutrition Diet and Nutrition...

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1 Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health 2011 Why study nutrition? Oral Health General Health Diet/Nutrition Palmer, C. A. (2003) American Dietetic Association “ …nutrition is an integral component of oral health.” “Collaboration between dietetics and dental professionals is recommended for oral health promotion and disease prevention and intervention.” Am Diet Assoc (2007) American Dental Association “encourages dentists to maintain current knowledge of nutrition recommendations as they relate to general and oral health and disease” and “ to effectively counsel their patients about proper nutrition and oral health” ADA (1996) Tooth Enamel Basics • Hardest substance in the body • Influenced by systemic nutrition only BEFORE eruption – Nutrient deficiencies: • Vit A, vit D, Ca, P, vit C, Fl, I – Protein-Energy Malnutrition • Post-eruption (demineralization) – Enamel decalcification – Dental caries
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2 Important Terms • Acidogenic: plaque pH < 5.5 within 30 min • Cariogenic: – contain fermentable carbs that can be metabolized by bacteria to plaque pH < 5.5 = demineralization of enamel • Cariostatic: – Not metabolized by bacteria within 30 min – No drop in salivary pH < 5.5 • Anticariogenic: – prevent cariogenic activity when eaten before an acidogenic product Enamel Decalcification • Loss of dental hard tissues caused by acid on teeth • Acidic sources: – Citrus fruits/juices – Acidogenic sports drinks – Carbonated beverages – Chewable Vitamin C tablets – Regurgitation of gastric contents • Xerostomia may worsen condition • Differs from dental caries Courtesy of C. Palmer THEN NOW Dental Caries Courtesy of C. Palmer Caries Prevalence in US • During 1999-2002: – 2-11y: 41% in primary dentition – 6-19 y: 42% in permanent teeth – Adults: 90% in permanent teeth CDC. MMWR 2005:54(No. SS-3) Mountain Dew Mouth Dental Caries • Demineralization of enamel by organic acids – Bacteria invade dentin Periods of reminerali ation • Periods of remineralization • Multifactorial disease: – Susceptible tooth – Cariogenic bacteria – Fermentable carbohydrate – Plaque pH < 5.5
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Oral Health 6 pp - Why study nutrition Diet and Nutrition...

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