Class 2 Nutrition Screening - 2011

Class 2 Nutrition Screening - 2011 - The prevalence of the...

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Nutrition Screening HUN 4445 Objectives By the end of class, students will be able to: State the JCAHO standard for nutrition screening Use the criteria of four local hospitals to screen patients for nutrition risk Discuss why screening criteria differ among hospitals Compare and contrast sensitivity and specificity Identify three ways to improve the sensitivity of a screening tool Nutrition Screening A systematic process to identify those at nutritional risk The process of gathering data known to correlate with nutritional risk in order to identify who are at risk Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) All patients will be screened within 24 hours of admission Accreditation required for reimbursement Assessing the Effectiveness of Screening Tools See example posted on Sakai Sensitivity vs Specificity Depends on: The purpose of the tool
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Unformatted text preview: The prevalence of the disease The seriousness of the disease Ability to test again Costs and consequences of work-up Resources available Sensitivity and Specificity usually inversely related Set screening cut-offs to yield sensitivity of 100% if adequate resources to address and no problems or side effects associated with testing. Improving the Sensitivity of Screening Tools Change the threshold for indicators of high risk When is a High Specificity Desirable? Diagnostic work-up is costly or risky Disease progresses slowly, can screen again Disease is not contagious Resources are limited Questions: Why does Shands at UF do a second screening by Food and Nutrition Services staff after the nursing screen? Why do hospitals differ in their screening criteria? In a hospital screening tool do we want a high sensitivity or a high specificity?...
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Class 2 Nutrition Screening - 2011 - The prevalence of the...

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