Exam 2 Review 2011 Spring

Exam 2 Review 2011 Spring - Exam 2 Review Exam Time Format...

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Exam 2 Review Exam Time Format of the Exam: 50 multiple choice questions Guidelines and Procedures: Non-programmable calculators only, no cellphone calculators Be sure to fill in the bubble for exam A or B depending upon which version you have When finished hand in both bubble sheet and the exam and show your ID Topics GI Physiology Enteral Nutrition Parenteral Nutrition Role of the Stomach Stores food Alcohol and short- and medium-chain triglycerides Gastric lipase and pepsinogens HCl - denatures proteins, activates pepsin, destroys bacteria Intrinsic factor Treatment of GERD Dietary intervention Avoid smoking Avoid food intake within 3 hours of bedtime, raise head of bed Avoid frequent bending over Medication Dietary Intervention Lose weight Limit foods that decrease LES pressure Limit foods that irritate the mucosa Limit foods that increase gastric acid secretion and delay gastric emptying Duodenal Secretions Chyme Bile Pancreatic enzymes
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Bicarbonate Sites of nutrient absorption Some alcohol is absorbed by the stomach Minerals absorbed in the duodenum or upper jejunum Carbohydrates and most water-soluble vitamins absorbed in jejunum, travel to liver via the portal vein Peptides and amino acids absorbed in the upper ileum Long-chain fatty acids, cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins absorbed in the upper ileum, travel to the liver as chylomicrons via the lymphatic system
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Exam 2 Review 2011 Spring - Exam 2 Review Exam Time Format...

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