9.29.04 - Mind Body Problem

9.29.04 - Mind Body Problem - from the body 2 My mind is...

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Midterm Part A: Questions chosen by professor (2) Part B: Questions chosen by TAs (6, choose two of them) No blue books, no pencils. Open book, open note. 50 Minutes Name on every page Meditation 6 Begins to reconstruct what he discarded in Meditation 1, since he wasn’t able to prove it on solid foundations. How do you tell when you’re dreaming and when you’re awake? Descartes says it doesn’t matter since if your ideas are clear and distinct then they are true, and the fact that it’s a dream is inconsequential. Solving the Mind-Body Problem 1. There is a great difference between a mind and a body: a) a body is always divisible; b) the mind is utterly indivisible, therefore the mind is wholly diverse
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Unformatted text preview: from the body. 2. My mind is not immediately affected by all parts of my body. 3. It is the nature of body that whenever any of its parts can be moved by another part some distance away it can also be moved in the same manner by any of the parts that lie between them. a. If the mind lies between some part of the body and the brain any sensation affecting the brain will affect the mind. 4. Any given motion in the brain affecting the mind produces only one sensation in the mind. All sensations are alike in this way. This bears witness to God’s power and goodness. Therefore the nature of man is composed of mind and body....
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