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Stonehenge Research Paper Outline - Phase III(Putting...

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Stonehenge Research Paper Outline Introduction: If aliens don’t exist and giants only exist in New York and San Francisco, then who built it? With its 4,000 year old fifty-ton Sarsen stones and its center bluestone from the mountains of Wales, Stonehenge still stands as one of the biggest mysteries in the modern world (Alexander). Archaeologists have discovered theories of how it was built, and what it was used for as a way to get close to solving this enigma, but because of its unsolvable mystery, Stonehenge has served mainly as a tourist attraction. I. Basic Information of Stonehenge a. Location b. Time Frame c. Materials II. How Stonehenge was Built a. Phase I (Layout/Digging) b. Phase II (Digging/Aubrey Holes) c.
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Unformatted text preview: Phase III (Putting stones in place.) III. Theories of What Stonehenge Was Used For a. Calendar Winter and summer solstice b. Healing c. Burial Grounds d. Religious Events Conclusion: No one really knows how Stonehenge was built or what it was used for. The one thing we do know is that it is one of the most celebrated mysteries in England and being such a hard mystery to crack makes it a popular tourist attraction. Because no one has been able to figure out the true meaning behind Stonehenge, perhaps the mystery itself is what keeps it so fascinating. It is put perfectly by National Geographics Samuel Pepys that perhaps only God knows what [its] use was (Alexander)....
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Stonehenge Research Paper Outline - Phase III(Putting...

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