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The Super Bowl Run - The Super Bowl Run A couple of years...

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The Super Bowl Run A couple of years ago a very talented running back came to play for Forney High School named DeBrian Blanton. His impact on our team took us through the playoffs all the way to the state championship that year. Well the Cowboys traded for Detroit’s wide receiver Roy Williams on Tuesday night to give us another target for Tony Romo. Roy is one of the most aggressive receivers in the NFL, just like Terrell Owens. The Cowboys right now have a beat up team with a bunch of injuries on very important and talented players and they need that “DeBrian Blanton” style player to carry them to victories. They now have that new fresh player, Roy Williams. This team without him has not done as they’ve been expected to in the league. The Cowboys were picked this year to go to the Super Bowl again this just like last year and again people are starting to change their minds. Are the Cowboys chances to go to the Super Bowl better now that they have Roy Williams? Without Roy Williams the Cowboys pass offense has been stuffed by every defense they’ve played. Now they’ve scored a lot, but our team is supposed to be unstoppable as a whole. Terrell Owens gets double-teamed on most of the routes he runs. He is our best receiver, so all defenses are going to stick a fast aggressive corner on him with a safety over the top to make sure he doesn’t get any catches. The double-teaming was at its worst against the Arizona Cardinals. Owens couldn’t catch anything and because of that we couldn’t move the ball down the field that well. Owens was covered so much the entire game that we had to settle for the run with Marion Barber or dumping
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it to Jason Witten underneath. Having this double-team problem has affected us all year
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